Why You Shouldn’t Rely on Comparison Sites for the Best Insurance Deals

When looking for a good insurance deal, comparison sites are often our first port of call to blanket cover an entire range of deals available to us. Whilst comparison sites are a useful tool to establish a price range for your purpose, if you really want to find the best deal you can, you shouldn’t rely on comparison sites alone. The Insurance Store has years of experience in finding the best insurance quotes, and we’ve found that there are various ways to improve upon the deal you’re getting through comparison sites.


A lot of insurance companies aren’t on comparison sites

There are some insurers that refuse to be on comparison sites, feeling that the websites don’t portray the best deals from their company. Whilst this might sound like these insurers are protesting because their deals aren’t equalling their rivals, it is much more likely that the insurers prefer a more personalised approach with their customers, and therefore can’t offer a one-size-fits-all quote to go on the site. It is likely that if you visit these insurers direct, you’ll receive a quote that’s tailored to suit your needs and budget.

Employing the services of a high-quality insurance broker, such as ourselves here at The Insurance Store, enables you to receive quotes and information from the companies you would have missed by only using a comparison site, would could secure you a better deal.

Some deals aren’t available through comparison sites

If you’re looking for a more complex insurance policy – multi-car insurance, for example – you won’t find what you are looking for on a comparison site. These deals are aimed at mass consumers, and a more complex policy will have too many variables for the sites to produce quotes.

You can double check the details

When purchasing something online, and especially through comparison sites where there is so much information thrown at you, it can be easy to misread or overlook the fine print, and therefore the brilliant deal you believe you’ve found may not be all it’s cracked up to be. If you speak to the insurer or broker directly, they will legally have to point out all of the terms and conditions, so you can be sure of exactly what you are signing up to.

Ease of mind

Using a comparison site relies on your own abilities to trawl through the millions of offers available to you to find not only a fairly priced policy, but a comprehensive one. This can be extremely difficult if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. Employing the professional services of a broker means that you can be confident that not only do you have the best deal available, but that all the variables you need are covered.  

Unbeatable prices at The Insurance Store

Here at The Insurance Store, we can beat the rates of our competitors and the prices you see on insurance comparison sites! We always aim to give our customers the very best price and offer fully comprehensive and flexible policies; we can even give you an instant quote, fuss-free today.

The Insurance Store has a range of policies to cover everything from vehicles to homes, business to net worth, so contact us today to find out more on how we can cut the cost of your insurance