Motorcycle Safety Tips

The Insurance Store focuses on the safety of all of our customers and our insurance policies should be treated as a restorative measure, rather than a sufficient safety procedure. Motorcyclists should ensure that they are taking all the necessary safety precautions to prevent accidents for other road users, and to also ensure that their insurance premium is kept as low as possible.


Wear the proper clothing

If you do come off your motorbike, a little padding can be the difference between life and death. The importance of helmets is well advertised, and rightly so. A blow to the head could crack your skull and cause brain damage, a helmet reduces this risk and can save your life. Not only this, but they are required by law and you can incur fines for failing to comply.

Whilst other safety gear, such as gloves and boots, aren’t enforced by law, they’re protective items which you should seriously consider purchasing. If you were to be involved in an accident, these could prevent some seriously horrific injuries, such as degloving.

Never drink-drive

Another no-brainer, but if you’ve been drinking, don’t attempt to ride your motorcycle. Alcohol slows your reaction times and instills a false sense of confidence. When riding a motorbike, you need to be fully aware of your surroundings and capable of making split-second decisions.

Choose the right bike

You’ve just passed your test, full of confidence and in a state of temporary euphoria, when you spot your dream superbike for sale…

It can be easy to get carried away with your excitement and end up purchasing a bike that doesn’t fit you and has more power than you can control. Part of the fun of riding a motorbike is feeling comfortable, so always ensure that your bike is suitable for you. When seated, your feet should lie flat on the floor and you should be able to reach the handlebars and controls with ease. Choose a model that’s easy for you to mount and dismount, and remember, if it feels too heavy, it probably is.

Another bonus: by avoiding that expensive superbike, you’ll cut down your insurance costs!

Use the right brake

When you need to emergency brake, instinct kicks in and you can end up pumping down on the front brake in panic. This is very dangerous if done at a high speed as the momentum can cause the bike, and you with it, to flip over. Train yourself to use the back brake.

Always learn and improve

It’s easy to become a complacent driver after years, or even months, of practice, but it is important that you always have your wits about you when driving a motorcycle. Being prepared for the unexpected is key to being a safe driver, and it is even more crucial when operating a motorcycle.

It would be a good idea to enrol on a motorcycle safety course to learn detailed information on how to respond to unsafe situations. Not only will this improve your confidence and teach you new skills, it will also make you a safer driver, which in turn can lower your insurance premium and save you money.

Drive defensively

Riding defensively makes you less vulnerable to accidents by making you anticipate the actions of others. Although this may seem unnecessary, by acting as if everyone else is an unsafe driver, you will be more conscious of your own movements and interactions with other vehicles.


The Insurance Store offers tailor made insurance policies to cover everything from sports bikes to superbikes. We secure the best price possible for your needs – and we’ll even cover your helmet and leathers, so you’re confident that your motorcycle safety is completely in hand. For more information on this, or any of our other services, contact one of our friendly and professional advisors here.