9 Ways You Can Get Cheaper Car Insurance

Car insurance is often a very costly affair, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Many consumers fall foul of some common mistakes when looking for car insurance that make the procedure not only more expensive, but more stressful. To help ensure you get the best deal you can, the team here at The Insurance Store have put together some quick tips for you to utilize so you can get cheaper car insurance quotes.

Shop around

Prices vary wildly from company to company, so it is important that you shop around as much as you can to ensure you get the best possible deal. One thing to be wary of, though, is to make certain you are comparing like-for-like policies. If you think you’ve found a fantastic deal, ensure that that quote is covering all the same bases as other policies, otherwise you might get a nasty shock somewhere down the line.


If you’re struggling to get to grips with comparing quotes, there are online services and insurance brokers who can take the hard work out of the process by sourcing and comparing numerous policies on your behalf.

Take a higher excess

Asking for higher excess costs (raising your deductibles) is a great way of cutting your policy cost down. By opting to pay more money yourself in the event of a claim, your insurance company will lower your coverage costs dramatically.

Make your car more secure

Insurance companies evaluate the chances of your vehicle being damaged or stolen, so the safer your car is, the lower your insurance quote will be. Storing your car in a garage is the best safety precaution you can take to lower your quote, but there are other options, too; fitting a good quality alarm, an immobiliser or a tracking device reduces the chance of your car being stolen, so will be viewed favourably by insurance companies.

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Build and maintain a good credit record

If you have a solid credit rating, it can help to reduce the cost of your insurance. Insurers use credit information to make judgements about the driver – for example, research has shown that people who effectively manage their credit make fewer claims, so a good credit rating can indicate a safer driver. Paying your bills on time, staying within your credit limit and keeping your balances low is a good way to improve your credit rating and help save yourself money on your insurance.

Insure in multiples

Whether it’s multiple cars or multiple drivers, insuring in bulk works out much cheaper than insuring individually. This is because insurance companies want your business, especially when it’s concerning more than one person or vehicle, so will offer a special bulk buy deal.

Take a defensive driving course

Some companies offer discounted insurance for those who have completed a defensive driving course, with the belief that by being more wary of other drivers, your chances of being involved in a collision are reduced. If you have points on your licence, it is also possible to reduce the number by taking a defensive driving or similar course, which will reflect well on your insurance application.

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Choose your vehicle carefully

If you have yet to purchase your vehicle, think very carefully about your selection. Referred to as ‘insurance trap cars’, some vehicles are known to be encumbered with higher premiums. Sports cars with larger engines are a prime example of a trap car, and while the car may hold a certain aesthetic appeal, the cost of the insurance premium and the running costs will soon add up to a very expensive motor.

Remove unnecessary coverage

Whether it’s removing named drivers who only need to borrow the car on the odd occasion or reducing from a comprehensive cover, only covering your car for what you deem necessary can save you a lot of money. This is especially true for older cars, in which the value of the vehicle is so low that the price of the premium is no longer cost-effective.

Ask for professional help

The best way to ensure you are getting the best possible insurance quote you can is to enlist the aid of a professional service. Insurance brokers have good links with numerous insurance providers, large and small, which means that they can scout out the best deal much easier than you would be able to alone. On top of that, brokers have a wealth of experience and knowledge, so can offer you cost cutting tips to make your insurance entirely affordable.
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